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SCANAUTICS MARINE EXPERTS S.A. is a company established in 2000. However, Managing Director Capt. Tony Amoratis & team have been in to the shipping industry as from many years ago.
Our professional team with Ship Technical and Nautical knowledge, enriched with valuable experience acquired of over 20 years of work at sea onboard various types of Ships as Masters & Engineers plus ashore as Port Captains, Marine Superintendents & Supercargoes, is guarantee of our best service and attendance to all your Ship & Cargo business worldwide.


Our goal is to provide effective, quick and direct solutions tailor made for your business, be it small or a large organization.


Our solutions are designed specifically according to the needs of your vessel, voyage or cargo in order to ensure you achieve the best outcome.


Our team can be contracted on an ongoing basis or as needed, and we can supplement the Client’s team with everything from research to expert consultation.


What makes our mission special is that Scanautics Marine Experts’ team can travel and visit ships anywhere in the world, facing problems and trying to resolve them on the spot.


Scanautics Marine Experts’ Managing Director, Capt. Tony Amoratis, Master Mariner, has been in the industry since 1970, as student first at the National Merchant Marine Academy in Greece followed by a career at sea conquering the Diploma of Master and serving in major Greek Shipping companies.
For more than 15 years, he was involved from ashore as Portcaptain in Marine Superintendency & Supercargo’s activities within Armada & Clipper Groups until 2000 when he established Scanautics Marine Experts S.A.
SCANAUTICS MARINE EXPERTS S.A. is manned with a number of experienced and qualified Marine Superintendents.
All Master Mariners, port Captains & Marine Engineers, plus Naval Architects (on part time), fully experienced and equipped to attend all the shipping business matters.
Safeguarding your interests throughout, at very competitive prices and eager and capable to do always the best at every case for you.


Check out our services offered as well as the customized solutions provided:

Holds Cleaning and Preparation

We can provide you with a mobile deck hands cleaning / maintenance gang, manned with capable and experienced Seamen, who together with our Portcaptain can ride a ship and escort the crew, or attend the whole ship and her holds cleaning for a proper preparation on next cargo loading without any delays.

Our team will mechanically and manually remove the residual of previous cargo, the washing of the cargo hold, and the sampling of wash water, as required by permit according to where is the vessel at the time of the trip.

Our mobile cleaning gang men, are all equipped with seaman’s books, thus provided that ship’s safety certificate allows for more people to stay onboard, they can ride the ship and go along to the next load port, cleaning vessel’s holds at their best possible condition. In this case, vessel is not losing time by being kept at the port and have her holds get cleaned by a locally based shore cleaning gang.
By doing so, Owners / Charterers save valuable time and money, as ships avoid the possibility to delay and get Off-Hires, of course.
Additionally, we can offer you technical application, expertise any time for organizing the supply of your cleaning equipment on board (stores) well in advance. Through our well-established network of key suppliers, we can help you place your order for high pressure washing machines, chemicals and cleaning kits, materials and tools according to what needs to be on board.

Conducting all types of surveys

Our team of Portcaptains and Superintendents are able to carry all kind of surveys usually required, such as pre-loading, loading & discharging preparation and on the spot attendance of general cargo, b/b commodities, project cargoes, containers, bulk cargoes, self-load/discharge by ship’s cranes and grabs, plus On/Off hire Condition surveys (inspection of vessel’s holds, hatch covers & tanks – cleanliness & dryness, sealing and unsealing of hatches), Bunker surveys, pre-purchase surveys, damage surveys and follow-up and supervision of repairs & dry docking, ISPS, bunker surveys, Delivery / Redelivery, claims, and generally all marine related surveys.

In respect to cargo surveys, our team can carry pre-loading / pre-shipment and discharge surveys of raw (such as coal, concentrates, ores, sulphur, potash and other commodities), agricultural (such as grains, seeds, canola meal/pellets and other bulk foodstuffs) and manufactured products (such as steel products, coils, pipes) containers, Roll-on/Roll-off cargoes and vehicles, machines and other wheeled transport, Industrial machinery and equipment. Our Portcaptains and Superintendents can organize and supervise the loading and discharging operations with emphasis on damage prevention and control surveys of heavy lifts, large size and special cargoes as well as give advice for lashing or generally securing arrangements for safe sea transportation. Finally, they can carry draught surveys, general average surveys and sampling & tally of cargo.

Discharging and Loading Assistance, Crane Drivers’ Employment

We are also having our mobile team of professional and licensed crane drivers, fully fitted and capable to handle any contractual jobs for any tonnage unlimited of any bulk cargo for loading or discharging a ship on 24hrs basis non-stop work, worldwide.

Keep in mind that a Portcaptain can be present during the loading or discharging in order to coordinate operations, ensuring that a safe and quick discharging operation will take place with neither facing problems nor exceeding of laytime and incurring of demurrage.

Consulting Services

Our office is well experienced and equipped with many ships data, plans, drawings and Loadmaster programs, enabling us to work precisely with them and offer first hand advice for chartering, and / or operations matters. This in combination to our well and long experience at sea as Ship Masters, and with good seamanship’s and port operations experience, is giving our Customers a very good aid to fix the business, adjust, prevent or resolve the vary many problems poping-up in our day to day shipping business.


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